About the Fund

The Pahal Health Fund takes an ecosystem approach to scale growth stage social enterprises that ensure better health outcomes, well-being, quality of life and sustained incomes for the disadvantaged and achieve risk-adjusted returns.


A strong sectoral and ground level execution experience enables a deep understanding of the issues facing the underserved and identifying problem solvers. The key priorities of the fund are:

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Water

  • Sanitation

  • Hygiene

  • Technology

    Competitive advantage through
    innovative technology

  • Geography

    Low Income States

  • Stage

    Growth stage SMEs

Social enterprises with innovative market-based solutions have the potential to solve some of the most pressing health challenges. These social enterprises operate in difficult contexts and thus require support and an enabling ecosystem to achieve impact at scale.

The Pahal Health Fund has its genesis in PAHAL (Partnerships for Affordable Health Access and Longevity), a USAID and IPE Global joint that aims to provide catalytic support to growth stage scalable social enterprises improving health outcomes for the urban poor. The PAHAL platform enables the fund to support social enterprises using an ecosystem approach. This approach recognizes that synergies are lost if we work in silos. Hence to maximize growth and impact business models need to be de-risked by aligning different stakeholders and resources in the ecosystem.

An Ecosystem Approach to Support Social Enterprises